January Beauty Favourites

What’s that? It’s 2016 ALREADY? No. Stop.

It feels like only yesterday that everyone was freaking out about 2014 being over yet here we are in January of 2016. I know it’s not quite the end of the month yet, but there are just so many things I’ve already been loving, I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, £38.00

I have to admit, I’d never really used a balm cleanser before 2015 and wasn’t really convinced that it could be worth the price tag, but I took the plunge this time last year and haven’t looked back since.

It smells good, it can take off make up, it makes your skin feel super fresh and  despite finding my skin is sensitive to certain products, I’ve never had any problem with irritation from using this. Even around my eyes. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

They also do a mini pot that’s perfect for taking away with you when you need to pack light. Everything is just so much cuter in miniature, no?


The Body Shop Lip Care, £8.50

Normally, I just let the lipstick/gloss/balm I’m wearing do all the work, but as the weather has gotten colder over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself turning back to this product again and again.

It’s a really, really moisturising lip balm. You apply it like a lipstick and I usually put this on then wait a little while before applying my actual lipstick. It can totally be worn on its own though if you just want a subtle bit of shine on no makeup days.

The effect on your lips though is something I’ve not been able to replicate with any other lip product – it just goes on beautifully and makes your lips feel so soft. If you find you suffer from chapped lips, especially in the colder months, you NEED to get this into your daily makeup routine. Even if you don’t, who doesn’t want smoother lips?!


Armani Si Eau de Parfum, £91.00

This was most definitely my fragrance of 2015. Ever since sniffing it on a page in a magazine, and looking ever-so-slightly insane as you do when doing that, I fell in love.

I tend to avoid vanilla-based scents and anyhing too masculine but this has a great combination of being intense yet feminine, and musky yet fresh.

This is the 100ml bottle because once I’d used up my 30ml and was sure I’d like it longer-term, I decided to go for the better value big bottle. The good thing about it though is that because it’s quite a strong scent, you don’t need much so I find the bottle lasts well too.

I’ve currently got that on rotation with a Vivienne Westwood Boudoir EDP that I got for Christmas, which is kind of a deep floral scent.


Lush Coconut Hand Scrub, £7.95

Hands down (no pun intended), my FAVOURITE beauty product of last year. And I loved it so much, it’s gone into January’s Favourites too.

I have a sneaky feeling I will love this all year but especially when it’s damn cold outside, this is a real saviour for your hands. I literally did not know my hands could feel so soft.

It’ a salt scrub that smells divine. You rub it into damp skin or, if you want an extra intense treatment, into dry hands – I focus just on the backs of my hands, on my knuckles and fingers, which is where I find I get the dryness. Then you wash it off and oh boy are your hands soft. Follow this up with a good quality hand cream just before you go to bed and you’ll wake up with silky smooth hands.

I bought this for pretty much every female I know as a stocking filler because I had to share my love for it.


Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, £9.50

Another lip care product, I know, but this time of year with the cold weather doing everything possible to dry out your face, I can’t help it.

The Body Shop lip balm I try and use regularly to avoid my lips getting dry but if that’s already happened, this Kiehl’s balm is my saviour. A little bit goes a long way and it works wonders for chapped lips.

At the moment, with it being -3 degrees outside when I go to work in the morning, I’ve been applying a pretty liberal amount just before I go to bed at night and combined with The Body Shop balm above during the day, I think I’m all sorted to survive the winter period chap-free.

Aside from the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I’m fairly new to Kiehl’s products but I’m keen to try more out soon.


Let me know what your favourites have been this month – I’d love to hear from you!

EL x